Ten Forgotten Truths about Happiness

1) Happiness starts within us

2) Happiness is simply a state of mind (a state of pleasure or contentment to be exact), not to be confused with external things, attainments, or success.

3) The further we look for happiness externally, the more distance we place between ourselves and the state of happiness.

4) Behind every state of mind or feeling, is a choice, we must first chose to be happy.

5) It is our natural state to be happy (that’s why we find it so attractive), but the belief system that happiness is a reward or something we must work for externally, is simply that, a very deep belief system.

5) To overcome deep belief systems that keep us from happiness, we can practice by checking the quality of our thoughts and decisions daily, hourly if possible.

6) Happiness itself is not an illusory goal, rather, it’s overcoming deep belief systems, that keep us from happiness, which can take some effort.

7) Why make effort for happiness at all?  Once we find happiness within ourselves, we will find that it’s an unlimited resource.

8) Happiness from within changes all other viewpoints: work becomes play, relationships become an opportunity to give, life challenges become moments of learning.

9) When we tap into our own unlimited resource for happiness, we are able to share this as well, uplifting our surroundings and potentially changing the world.

10) Happiness follows the same cyclic laws of nature:  if we create a vacuum for happiness, nothing is experienced, only the expenditure of energy occurs; but if we churn our energies to create happiness within us, this spreads outwardly and returns at a later point in time with a tenfold potential.

2 thoughts on “Ten Forgotten Truths about Happiness

  1. Ana

    Man’s state of mind makes anything relative or you are what you think, so think positive if you want to be happy and everything becomes productive( which is again relative )….hehehe.


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