All You Need to Know For Beauty and Success in 2016

US-MISS UNIVERSE-2015This last blog post of the year is dedicated to those who are still finding themselves and those who struggle with the belief that we are measured by external attainments, like beauty and success.  It wasn’t until my recent mid 30s that I came to finally know who I truly am, and before then, I felt quite lost. So this blog post is about who you truly are and how knowing who you are will change the way you look at others, and possibly everything else.

Imagine someone who wants to be beautiful, to feel accepted, admired, or loved… whose definition of beauty do they measure up to? There are too many different definitions of beauty. Now there’s this trend of women ‘baring all’ to emphasize that beauty comes in all shapes and form. The way beauty has been swept off into this whirlwind of extremes is a reflection of what’s really missing inside. Men are also susceptible to external measures but more so on the varying markers of success.  What makes a successful man? Whoa… That’s a whole other topic this post can’t handle!  But for the purpose of this post, a simplified version of today’s state of affairs is:  beauty is largely defined by what’s sexy and success is largely defined by money, it also helps that you have a beautiful family to go along with both.  Most of us crave beauty and success, we search for it desperately on what we can measure and experience physically. Deep down inside, we have experienced beauty and success once before, why else would we crave it? The lack of knowing who we really are has lead us to search for beauty and success externally. But what if such attainments emerged internally?  This is quite possible if we knew exactly who we are and we were firm in such identities.

So what is our true identity? Who am I? Each one of us is a source of energy best visualized as a tiny point of light located roughly in the amygdala of the brain. Religion or spirituality may call this the soul or spirit; science may call this our consciousness or being (I’ll use beings at this point onwards). This source of energy carries our stories, our past and future, and has the eternal potential for purity, peace, truth, love, and happiness. It is this identity of ours, that which is potentially all virtuous and is a record of our life stories, where we may experience all attainments of beauty and success. Simple right? Hmmm.. Likely you are thinking, ‘well how does this apply to my everyday life?’ – yes, it’s not that simple to see things as a being, we have physical eyes after all, so the rest of this post is how to move through life with the awareness of this true identity of ours, the identity that I am a Being.

The analogy of a driver as the being and the body as a vehicle is a great start. External attainments like education, money, titles, relationships can be analogous to everything else that helps a car on the track, i.e./ it’s make, model, wheels, the team that maintains the vehicle, etc. Whatever happens on the track is recorded and experienced by the driver. As beings, we have the power to separate ourselves from the track and even the vehicle. Another analogy is of actors playing our parts on stage. As beings, we are the actors, putting on costumes and playing our roles on the world stage. For example, many can get swept away by emotion, especially stress, as beings, you can separate yourself from the emotions that wears down the vehicle or which is part of the role, and become mindful of what goes on, allowing the emotions to go by but not letting them affect your direction.

Another important aspect as beings is that we have the power of silence. Silence is the true, original language as beings, as thoughts are all we really need to communicate. Think about it, your words are only a small sliver of the inner workings of your mind. Many people function on auto-drive and are completely unaware of what’s going on in their minds. The amount of time it takes to create a response in words or actions happens so quickly, yet the amount of thought processes that occurs is tremendous, so much of which goes undetected by our beings. With the true, original language of silence, our beings can have the opportunity to watch what goes on in the screen of our minds, call upon its intellect to take controlling power of the senses, then make the precise, desired response. In silence, our beings can also have true ruling power, and keep the physical senses under law and order. A good example is eating – there’s a reason why restaurants blast their music, so you can order more food and drinks. But if you enjoy your food with minimal disruption from noise, you can fully appreciate what’s going on.

To recap, you are a point and source of light or energy, with the eternal potential for all virtues, with the language of silence and the power of thoughts. Our beings can also detect whether some thoughts are wasteful or careless, and if so, we can guide our thoughts to become more elevated or powerful. What are elevated, powerful thoughts? Those that bring us closer to our true identities of purity, peace, love, truth, and happiness. These true, original qualities of ours are only a thought away, and it’s letting such thoughts emerge and then experiencing them in life or on the racetrack or on the world stage which deepens our identities as such beings, rather than just physical bodies acting out roles. Once you are able to look at yourself in such way, you can start to look at others similarly, as beings with the same potential just with different stories, some may have more complicated stories than others, but your perception may also be colored by your own story.  You can then look at others with compassion, and focus your energy on tapping into your own potential more so than expecting others to change. Imagine you are a prince or princess born outside the palace, but it’s in your blood to be royal. To claim your kingdom, you must act, speak, and interact with such royalty that which you were born with. Same thing applies to our beings, it is our powerful, elevated thoughts that will deepen our words, actions, and interactions into our true identities. This is true beauty and success.  The true attainment of beauty and success is bringing forth and experiencing all virtues for yourself and others.  This is a whole lot easier than having to donate billions of your social media empire as a CEO.  🙂

May the new year bring forth your inner royalty.

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