Embracing Femininity: 3 Traits Worth Honoring


In celebration of International Women’s day and women’s month of March, this blog post is dedicated to women everywhere. If you’re a male who happens to read this, don’t go away quite yet, as this is also dedicated for you in recognition of how women fit into your life and their roles in your journey.

This post is not about feminism, although the advocacy of economical, political, and social equality for women is very important, I also think it’s important for women to celebrate their inherent and unique qualities. Feminism has come a long way and certainly opens the doors for women, but the movement has also inadvertently put a spotlight on the differences between men and women, and has casted such differences as something to remove or ‘fix’. The truth of the matter is, men and women are very much different, and in this blog post, I’d like to take a different angle on feminism, which is, besides promoting equality, perhaps we should also celebrate and honor such differences. This post is about a new feminism, which is embracing femininity and celebrating three female traits that make us equal, different, and the perfect complement all at the same time with our male counterparts.

Firstly, women’s bodies may not be made for strength or muscle mass, but they’re capable of nature’s biggest miracle – that is, to carry another human being and give birth to it. This difference has once been known as the ‘curse of Eve’ by some popular beliefs, but it’s about time we all rise above this old and not so useful line of thinking. Science until this very day also continues to endeavor in cracking Nature’s codes and secrets, and yet here are women, whose bodies are the very essence of miracle makers. Yes, women have longer lives, carry more fat, and can have frequent hormonal imbalance every month, but guess what folks, this all comes with the territory of being born with miracle making bodies! What does this mean? For men, this means that you have a lot to be thankful for, for not having to carry such responsibility (half joking here), but this also means that men are well equipped for more steady roles, like a protector and provider. For women, this means that you’re appointed with such miracle making potential, whether you have children or not, and this means that you are capable of a goddess role. A goddess is one who is not embarrassed of her body, nor tries to change it for external pressures. A goddess also doesn’t use her own body or sexuality for power, not at all, because a true goddess is not limited by her physicality. As cliche as this may all sound, I think these are very important lessons to learn (especially for little girls). Women should never have to measure themselves to the extent of their bodies, rather, it’s the miracle making potential that define who we are, such is measured in the courage and positive influence of our eyes, words, and deeds, not in how we look, or our curves or hair, or even what we wear. And if a woman should have the gift of carrying and birthing another human being, she should honor and cherish such gift, not fear or dread it.

The second female characteristic that we can be proud of is her inherent ability to support and nurture. Mothers are most well known for these qualities as exemplified by her abilities to breastfeed and multi-task, but generally it is a female attribute not limited to just being a mother. For example, women would more likely prefer to chat over tea or coffee and provide social support than watch a game on tv. Women instinctually prioritize their loved ones over making money, and whatever choices she makes, whether it’s to take a few minutes more to cuddle or head out the door to make a living, you can be sure she lost sleep over it. As much as feminism has pushed for economic equality, the movement has also somehow lead a generation of highly educated modern women who almost resent the tasks of cooking and cleaning, or put such tasks secondary to their careers. Feeding yourself and your loved ones with healthy, loveful food and providing tranquil, orderly surroundings is the basic foundation to a harmonious life. Women, whose inherent qualities of being nurturing and supportive carry the keys to this harmonious life. And of course if you’re a man with such qualities, then you’re even that more powerful.

Lastly, as supporters and nurturers, a deeper trait that precedes these two is that of humility, and humility is a very powerful trait inherent in women that doesn’t get enough credit. In the world of money and material things, humility can be viewed as a weakness, and naturally, as a society that has grown more dependent on worldly, physical possessions, the beautiful, gem-like quality of humility has been in the shadows. To know and appreciate the true value of humility, let’s first look at what humility means. Humility is the complete opposite of ego. Unfortunately, to rise in the corporate ladder, you need some sort of ego. So the two cannot mix nor flourish at the same time. It’s the ego that has the need to be right or to be acknowledged. With that said, the following are some quotes about humility taken from one of the greatest spiritual leaders, Dadi Janki, who is one of the few living goddesses walking on earth today that I know of:
Humility makes you simple and truthful.
The power of humility makes you see the benefit in everything, even in the insults of others.
Some people feel that to have humility or to be humble involves bowing down and being subservient to others. They find it very difficult to cultivate their humility. To me, humility means to understand the self, and through that, to understand others as well.
One with humility is full of both love and respect. Because they are full, their only desire is to give.
Humility makes the heart open and generous. There is never the desire to receive from others.
If you have humility, people come close to you with love. Humility emerges your divinity.”

I think this world can use a lot more humility, it can’t take anymore ego.

Happy International Women’s Day and have a great month of March. May this month bring out your miracle making potential as a goddess (or god), your supportive and nurturing side, and most important of all, your Humility (and that’s for both men and women).

*Note: as an advocate and instructor for Natural birthing, I urge all women to cherish their bodies and their abilities to become pregnant and give birth. This is truly a unique quality of women, and it’s time we no longer look at this special gift as a condition that must be treated or as some sort of disability.

**The quote from Dadi Janki was taken from her book, Wings of Soul, it is absolutely worth the read!!

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