Money sex & drugs Vs. Peace love & happiness


Nowadays we see many posts about ‘peace, love, & happiness’, and although most of us are quite aware that these are the ultimate experiences one can aspire to, HOW to get there is actually where most of us get lost.

Why do we hardly talk about HOW to experience peace, love, and happiness? Probably because most people think the journey is too long, hard and complicated. In today’s blog post, I’m going to give you the most simplified version ever of how to experience peace, love, and happiness. But first, I want to discuss how peace, love, and happiness can be easily misconstrued as money, sex, and drugs today, as much we’d all hate to admit it. It’s important to be honest here, because as simple as the experience of peace, love and happiness can actually be, one of the biggest reasons why many of us get sidetracked is because we’re not aware of what’s blocking us from what we actually want. Most of the times, we’re unaware of obstacles in front of us because we don’t even know what they are. So before I get to the good and easy stuff, let’s first look at what the obstacles might be: how money keeps us from experiencing peace, sex from love, and drugs from happiness.

First obstacle: Money! Economic turmoil creates fear and anxiety, this is pretty obvious right? So does this necessarily mean that having money will eliminate fear and anxiety, hence bring forth peace? Quite often, this is not the case. It’s one thing to be economical or productive, but it’s a whole other issue to value money. Sure, we need money to survive, and money can ‘make the world go round’, but it’s the additional value we put on money that’s beyond its physical limit that can dangerously put us further away from what we truly value the most, that is peace. The physical value of money is limited to buying and selling – that’s it. Yet many fear the loss of their control over money or fear they don’t have enough money or fear they have wasted away money, and it’s these subtle extensions we put on the very limited things money can actually bring that can create peacelessness. Money in of itself is a currency or medium, it’s meant to move and change, peace on the other hand is stability and foundation, you either have it or you don’t, so the two certainly don’t lead to the other. ‘If I had so much money in the bank…’, or ‘if my spouse or loved ones made or saved so much money…’, these are thoughts that create peacelessness. The more we value money than what it’s actually good for, and the more we think money can bring us peace, the more we create a wall for ourselves in becoming peaceful. So how to become peaceful? That’s the easy part I’ll cover at the end.

Second obstacle: Sex! Decades ago, this intimate act has been kept behind closed doors and under the secrecy of shadows, but over time, it has been put right in front of our faces to the point where we have to ‘equip’ our young children with sex education classes and where it’s socially acceptable for women to dress half naked. Today, there’s this notion that a healthy relationship should have sex at least once a week. What if you tell your partner you’re no longer into the act like before, do you think your relationship would last? Passion fades, so how long would one’s love in a relationship last? It’s very easy to measure the health of a relationship based on its passion and intimacy – these are its physical measures after all, but how about measuring the health of the relationship based on the stability of true love between the two individuals? Hmmm, yes folks, it’s not that easy to just even think about it, let alone to actually put it into practice. True love between two people has nothing to do with sex, but somehow it has been mixed into the love equation. It’s very different when you say, ‘I love you’, versus saying, ‘I have the hots for you’. So just like money, the values we have on sex today have inadvertently driven us further away from understanding what love is. To experience true love, a great start is to look at your partner beyond your sexual desires.

Last obstacle : Drugs! Many of you may not identify with drug related problems, but metaphorically speaking, drugs represent addictions and seeking that ‘quick fix’ without taking responsibility. A great example is the general dependence on the medical community to fix our health problems rather than taking responsibility and making lifestyle changes to help our bodies get back on track. Prescription drugs today are not only to cure infections but used to ‘fix’ depression, stress, lack of sleep, and attention ‘disorders’. On a more inconspicuous level, addictions can manifest in dependence on material things, or even as subtle as always having the TV on for company, or any other habits like social media or video games. Although most of these can be harmless, a great way to test how dependent you are on these quick fixes is to try going a few months without them. How happy can you be if you don’t have trendy clothes or expensive accessories to wear? Can you be happy on your own? Drugs represent a growing dependence we have put on external things to get our bodies ‘right’ and ultimately a dependence on external things to live ‘right’ and be happy. But the more we depend on the outside, the more we keep ourselves further away from experiencing true happiness, which is from within.

So finally, how to experience peace, love, and happiness without depending on external, physical measures like money, sex, and drugs? It’s very simple: with the powerful thought that ‘I AM peace, love, and happiness’. With this very simple, powerful thought, everything else changes because your perspective and belief systems will take another path originating from this very simple seed of thought. This means that no one or nothing else can take or give you peace, love, or happiness, because it’s always within you;  these are NOT states that you have to get, become or journey towards -NO, these are states of which you have always been and it’s a matter of remembering. This also means that to experience true peace, love, and happiness, you have to go within yourself and bring about these qualities out – and the best way to know that you ARE these qualities is to share them with others. An effective way to bring about these powerful thoughts is to remind yourself of these first thing in the morning, ideally, in silence and with a powerful vision like a sunrise or a piece of nature. Those first few moments is when you plant that seed of thought: I AM peace, love, and happiness, and as you grow or go through your day, experiencing such states becomes one of knowing or remembering, rather than having to achieve or take from externally.

Thanks for getting this far, the last thing I wanted to share is how to overcome these possible obstacles keeping us from experiencing such powerful thoughts, and that’s by being honest with ourselves. When you have honesty in the heart, it’s like keeping the land fertile for you to be able to plant the seed of thought: I AM peace, love and happiness. With that said, happy springtime everyone, summer is fast approaching and it’s time for us to enjoy the seeds which we sow.

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