Happy Father’s Day: A Must Read for All Men


This post is dedicated not just to fathers, but to all men. Women these days get most of the attention, and for good reason of course, but on this special day, Father’s Day, I’d like to give a special shout out to all men, after all, Father’s Day isn’t only a celebration for dads but for men who have taken up the role of what it truly means to be a Man.
I also personally dedicate this post to my son, husband, and father, as a love letter expressing my hopes and faith in them and in All men, whatever their sexual identity is. This is also a letter to all the men out there who don’t have the opportunity to be the fathers they are meant to be, especially to their biological children, for whatever reason life may have for them. I personally know a few single mothers, and as much as I applaud them, Father’s Day is also a day to shine the light on men who aren’t able to be there for their children.  Men, whether you know it or not, You are inherently a father and our children look up to You.
With that said, this post is about thanking and celebrating men for their inherent qualities that make them a Father. I read somewhere that young men today face a lot more challenges with work opportunities being ever more slim, with fierce competition coming from women, not to mention, they are still held with expectations of becoming the breadwinner. So I hope this post can serve as a little boost that despite the ever changing times, men everywhere should know that they already have inherent qualities that can change a society from within. A lot of the times, we look to our own experiences for role models and unfortunately, a lot of fathers can’t quite live up to their full potential, so this post is about looking within and how every man already has the powerful qualities of what makes a strong yet loving Dad, and it’s these qualities that every man can bring out from their own treasure box that’ll make them the MAN humankind has meant to celebrate.

Strength – men have more muscle mass and are simply built bigger than their female counterparts, so yes, having this inherent physiological trait means that men are meant to open doors, move the furniture, and build homes. But beyond that, men also have an inner strength and resolve that doesn’t mean you can’t be in touch with your feelings or depend on others. Absolutely not. True inner strength and resolve is the constant, tireless effort towards a vision that has built those like our skyscrapers, monuments, ships, and planes. Inner strength and resolve are also the qualities that push the envelope in innovation and calculate the risks in leaps and bounds one takes. Inner strength and resolve is bravery. Men inherently have the traits of protectors and those who take the first step forward in case of danger. So for the men who dig deep and find it within them to bring forth this trait, especially for their families, thank you! I think the world would be a much better place if we encourage our young men to find this within themselves.

Dignity – I love this word, and I especially love seeing this in men today. This is not about ego, far from it. This is about honor and respect. Often, receiving respect from others can be easily confused with one’s ego so this is to draw a clear line between the two: Ego is what you look at in the mirror and admire how good you look at the gym; it’s what you post on social media, not because you want to share, but because you want others to look at you a certain way. Ego is what makes you want to prove your were right. Ego can be very sneaky. On a large scale, you see it quite often in political figures who demand respect, while the few leaders, pictured on this post, are the ones who can remarkably influence positive change with the quiet power of dignity. So what is dignity? It is the pure desire to serve others without wanting anything in return which automatically wins the respect of those around them. I realized that dignity may not be such an easy thing to teach my son today as philanthropic acts are largely done for publicity and questionable motives… But I recently learned that dignity is not something I actually have to teach my two-year old, as every child inherently wants to help others and see a smile on someone else’s face. With that said, men with dignity is one of the most honorable yet innocent qualities one can maintain from childhood into adulthood.

Master Authority – Whoa, yes, this is a big one. This is typically a male trait that’s best characterized by discipline, self-restraint, power, being calm and cool all at the same time. So being emotional, erratic, and needy would be the complete opposite. A good example is one who leads by example. One, whose very presence, brings inspiration and draws beauty from the inside of others. For the most part, men have mastered acting the ‘cool’ part, but this quality also involves being a master of one’s thoughts and feelings. To do so, one also needs to be well-aware of what’s going on internally and direct all of what’s going on inside towards one’s vision of happiness. Dads often have this part well done because usually you see a father coming home from a long day at work and what’s their main priority when it comes to the kids? Their main job is to play with them and share laughter. So essentially, a master authority is one who can have all the burdens of the world on their shoulders, but are able to change all of that in a second just to share some laughter with those close to them. Simple right?

Hopefully a few good men out there will get the chance to read this, and if you know someone who can use such words of encouragement, please do share this. This is really just to let guys out there know that we appreciate them and that we know that they can be great men, and great fathers, all they have to do is appreciate themselves too and recognize their own inherent, powerful qualities.


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