What the World Needs Most Today


The atmosphere in the world today has made it very easy to experience hopelessness and peacelessness. With the structures of religion being questioned, taken advantage of, or just downright crumbling, and with the crusade of science unwittingly stirring towards physicality, materialism, and individualism, it’s no surprise that many today experience storms of negativity.

So who or what do we turn to? Surely there must be a solution to all this right? I’m happy to share, that in a world of paid advertisements and covered truths, there is certainly a whole realm we can explore that can stir us in a better direction, and there’s no monthly subscription or waiver to sign. All that’s needed is an open mind, and an open heart.

My friends, what the world can really use today is a boost in each and everyone of our spirituality.

What is Spirituality?

This can be explored days and weeks on end, but in this post, I’ll try to make it short and simple (keeping in mind it’s true definition is unlimited). Spirituality is the belief, experience, and identification with that which is beyond measure and of a higher state.  You can also think of it as the overlap of religion and science, but also on another dimension.

For example, the belief that there is a soul within each of us and that there is a God are tenets of religion, and since these are immeasurable, such beliefs require blind faith. However, there is nothing of blind faith in spirituality. Spirituality requires experiences and one’s own thinking processes to make such beliefs one’s own living truth and evidence – a methodology that is science based.

In essence, spirituality is the recognition of something beyond what meets the eyes or senses, something that’s of a higher purpose, that which pulls us forward and that which connects all beings. A lot of it is metaphysical, dealing with energy and intuition but it also requires application – involving our own behaviors and reasoning.

As you can see, it can sound a lot of baloney (a.k.a. pretentious nonsense), especially since we live in a very physical world. But the good news is, religion and science have already done a lot of the leg work in trying to unlock this beyond measurable realm. Today, at this juncture in time, it’s upon us to combine religion and science to take our levels of spirituality to where we can live out our own inner truths.

Religion has laid down a lot of do’s and dont’s, in attempts to bring us ‘closer to God’ or ‘one with spirit’. However, in the pursuit of spirituality, these do’s and dont’s are only considered as guiding principles. Given the advent of science, it is our responsibility now to also understand these principles, how they apply to our daily lives, and how they are beneficial to our truth.

What Inner Truth??

The simplest and most naked truth is:  my original religion is of Peace. Why else do we struggle so much if not to experience peace? Over time, this true identity of ours has been covered and smeared. Spirituality is the method in rediscovering and living out this truth.

My favorite examples of spirituality are babies. Sure, they may cry a lot and seem like they’re far from being at peace, but that’s because they’re having to get used to the physical world (and maybe exercising their vocal cords too). But their eyes and behavior are full of hope and innocence. They are constantly in the present moment, meaning they’re at peace with themselves, their circumstance, the past, and the future. I think that’s a lot to say about any other human being.

Lastly, although I’m not a God fearing person, the concept of a Higher being can be very beneficial and spirituality helps us discover what kind of relationship one chooses to have with such a being (key difference here from religion as spirituality does not require prayers or devotion).

Think about it, if all your resources are depleted and you’re having a very hard time connecting with your true identity of Peace, the concept of a Higher being is a powerful way to get an upliftment. This is because any dependence or attraction to another bodily being or object will only come with their own limitations, not to mention, they’re very much temporary.

If one chooses to have a relationship with a Higher being whose image is just of perfection, then no matter how low or hopeless you are, such relationship can only be beneficial. The best thing about this is that such image can take any form, like the perfect father or mother, the most giving and trustworthy friend, a revered yet loving teacher, or an unconditional beloved. At the same time, such being can also be thought of as a limitless powerhouse – an ocean of love, an ocean of peace, an ocean of knowledge, and an ocean of bliss.

I think time is calling upon all of us, to start checking in and take a more spiritual path.

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