How to have that perfect relationship


Have you ever had a relationship with someone and had the desire they were more than how they present, that they were a better version and the relationship could be perfect? What makes you think you deserve more from others? Do you think this comes from fairy tales you were told as a child or movies you watched as an adult? Personally, I believe we’re much more hardwired than that, and that this desire for a perfect relationship comes from an innate knowing of a very simple truth: I once had a perfect relationship with the most desirable of all beings, and I now deserve to rediscover this. This post is about this perfect relationship with the most perfect of all beings.

It’s about time

These recent times have been very challenging and I think many of us are left wondering at how dark things can get. But here’s the reality: time is here to test us, and it’s certainly capable of bringing forth darker times ahead. So what are we to do? When it’s really dark out, and we’re left helpless and confused, it’s natural to turn towards help and seek refuge. When my son had a brief but scary enough health issue in November, there was nothing much I could do but maintain my stability for him. Up until that point, the challenges I had faced were about me overcoming them. But when it’s someone else or somewhere else across the world going through hard times, it can feel very futile. That’s when tapping into something beyond us that can be a very useful resource to have.

The most valuable lesson we can learn especially in facing dark times ahead is: All of us deserve a beautiful, blossoming relationship with a higher source, however way you’d like to call it – God, Allah, Jehovah, Lord, Almighty, Creator, etc. No matter how high or low you are in life, the single most powerful source for your inner stability is that with a higher being.

The most desirable of all beings

Beliefs in god can certainly be a controversial topic. Besides religions having their own and sometimes conflicting notions about this almighty power, there has also been the popularity of science, disillusion and pragmatism that can even tear the picture of such a being down. All of which can be justified in their own rights. But in this post, I’d like to present another way to approach this ever elusive yet highly sought after entity.

Since we first entered this world, most of the relationships we experience are with other people, as imperfect as they are. It’s very rare that any relationship can be called perfect. Yet we desire it nevertheless (why else would we fight or quarrel?). So what if we conjured up an image of a being who is ever perfect and powerful, in other words, Divine. And what if we nurture a relationship with such divinity that he/she brings out our own virtuous qualities as well.

Knowing a perfect relationship

What does this perfect relationship look like? It’s one based on so much trust, that it allows the humility to surrender and allow for their love and protection. This trust means that I have the hope and willpower to overcome any obstacle. Such trust is to have the confidence that all I know which is perfect and good are mine, but it’s up to me to bring forth from this relationship and share it with others. Can you imagine such trust for your father, mother, partner, mentor, or friend?? That’s where the tricky yet fun part comes in. A relationship with this perfect being embodies all the earthly relationships we know very well, but in their divine form.

A trusting relationship with such being doesn’t start with any questions. So if you find yourself asking why this, how did that happen, what’s going on or can you do this – that’s not really nurturing that perfect relationship you deserve. Think about it, if you keep asking your spouse, parents, or child incessant questions or requests, what do you think you’re putting out towards them and the relationship? Maybe start with phrases like, good morning, I love you, I trust you, or thank you. Another not so helpful habit is claiming one is doing things in the name of that all powerful being. The burden of your own thoughts, words, or deeds is all on you, never on anyone else. Instead, think of all your roles and relationships as things given to you in trust by the Divine. So every thought, word, and deed you must now chose as a trustee, with a very elevated responsibility.  This is where you can really start experiencing your trust for that One being reciprocated, you are after all being entrusted with the most elevated of tasks: bringing forth your own virtues into your everyday life.

Lastly, have you ever been so in love or had so much fun with your loved ones and friends, that you just had to share the experience on social media or that the experience just turned a huge obstacle into nothing?  Well, a divine relationship is kind of like that – it’s something that brings out the best in you and you just have to share it with others.

Change goes beyond rituals

I’m not saying we should all be god worshippers or anything of that sort. On the contrary, the relationship I’m inviting you to try is far from an exercise of devotion. Certainly, whatever your beliefs are, there’s always room for trying something else. The celebrations of Christmas is actually a great reminder of this possible divine relationship. Christmas is the symbolism of an all virtuous being walking this earth who has a close relationship with the Divine. It’s interesting how many people around the world enjoy Christmas decor and songs, or give gifts, no matter what religious beliefs they hold. This is another reflection of an innate truth we carry: I have the ability and joy in giving because I have the potential to become that all virtuous being myself and take benefit in a close relationship with the powerful one from above.

As we close out year 2016 and welcome 2017, let’s recognize that many of our desires and peacelessness can come from a deep knowing that things could be a lot better, even perfect. But to bring about this perfection, we have to start the change from within because we certainly can’t depend on others or the passing of time to change things for us. To change from within, it’s important to keep an open mind, experiment along the way, and making sure we don’t slack off into old habits.  I invite you to start your new year and try this more personable experience with the most superior source. You’ve got nothing to lose after all.

Happy holidays and happy new year!

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