imageWelcome!  I’m Mercedes and ZenInMiami is about sharing different lessons and insights I’ve learned on becoming happy, peaceful, and loveful by connecting to our own truth and innocence while living in what seems to be a senseless and chaotic world.  ‘Zen’ refers to the value of meditation and intuition.  Meditation is the act of thinking deeply or focusing one’s mind, while intuition is the deep understanding of something without the need for conscious reasoning.  So to be ‘Zen’, for me, is something I strive for every single day (wouldn’t it be great if all our feelings and actions were done with a focused mind guided by inner truth?!).  Since I actually don’t practice Buddhism, I do however attribute all the lessons I share to the Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization, where I go to the center near me and regularly practice meditation.

Besides the fact that I do live in Miami, I think Miami brings about an image of a fast-paced, skin-clad, party city, very well described by Will Smith’s hit in 1997, ‘Bienvenidos a Miami’.  If you’ve never been to Miami, just listen to the song, and it pretty much accurately describes the city today almost twenty years later.  I live right in the core of it all and it’s very easy to get pulled into Miami’s party lifestyle heat.  So here’s ZenInMiami that brings the two worlds of superficiality and spirituality together, and I’m happy to share that it is quite possible to live between the two.  I share insights on assimilating the practices of meditation and intuition into the very physical, materialistic, and emotional real world that we live in (and I don’t think you need to live in Miami to experience how brutally real the physical world can get!).

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A Quick Bio

imageFor those who are curious for more specifics:  I was born in Manila, Philippines and later grew-up (for the most part) in Toronto, Canada where I completed my bachelors in biology and doctoral in dental surgery.  I moved to Miami as soon as I finished my studies to live with my husband back in 2009.  I practiced dentistry for several years and I’ve recently switched gears to devote my time to the family and home, studying and giving meditation classes, writing this blog (with some articles being posted on other sites like Thought Catalog, A Guided Mind, and A Daring Adventure), and giving prenatal/birthing classes to expecting couples as a certified childbirth instructor with the Hypnobirthing Institute.

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