How to have that perfect relationship


Have you ever had a relationship with someone and had the desire they were more than how they present, that they were a better version and the relationship could be perfect? What makes you think you deserve more from others? Do you think this comes from fairy tales you were told as a child or movies you watched as an adult? Personally, I believe we’re much more hardwired than that, and that this desire for a perfect relationship comes from an innate knowing of a very simple truth: I once had a perfect relationship with the most desirable of all beings, and I now deserve to rediscover this. This post is about this perfect relationship with the most perfect of all beings.

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Life’s Hurricane Warning: A 5-point Checklist for Preparing and Survival Guide


Today, Miami is preparing itself for an approaching hurricane, and I’d like to dedicate this post to today’s current events.  At some point, we hit a big chaotic storm and sometimes they can hit at multiple times.  Storms can be a terminal illness, death of a loved one, failure, divorce, depression, violence, addictions, you name it, in today’s current events, one’s world can be pulled from underneath them in so many different ways.   Continue reading “Life’s Hurricane Warning: A 5-point Checklist for Preparing and Survival Guide”

3 Lessons Addictions are Teaching All of Us


Addiction today is a disability that many people have to deal with.  Personally, I have seen friends and loved ones affected by this and it can be very frustrating.  It’s so hard to care for someone who suffers from an addiction especially when you see that same person seem to no longer care for themselves.  As much as this blog entry is dedicated for those suffering with an addiction and their loved ones, this blog entry is also for everyone else because I think addiction in today’s society is teaching us all some very real, hard lessons we can all learn from. Continue reading “3 Lessons Addictions are Teaching All of Us”

The Secret to How to Live in the Moment: A Cheat version


Living in the moment is something many of us aspire for.  There are tons of inspirational written works about living in the moment.  I can’t count the number of instagram and facebook posts I’ve seen about living in the moment.  It’s so easy to live in the moment when we’re away on vacation, or listening to a great piece of music, or watching a really good film or laughing with friends.  But what about living in the moment every single day??  How do we actually apply this ‘living in the moment’ status to our everyday life when it’s not so much fun? Continue reading “The Secret to How to Live in the Moment: A Cheat version”