Born to Die: A Story About Heaven


What if heaven were true, that it certainly exists, BUT it was up to You to make it happen. Would you accept such a proposition? And what if the only thing you had to do to make heaven exist, here and now, is to accept death and take responsibility for starting anew. You were born to die, and to create heaven, you must die a living death.
This is my first blog after nearly a year of inactivity, and I’m treating this article like my resurrection from the dead. Appropriately, I chose such topic. Also, what better way to start the new year- 2018, the year of love, than with a proposition of heaven.

What IS Heaven?

Firstly, what is it about heaven that’s so enticing? If you’re experiencing any type of sorrow or discontent, or have any unpleasant feelings whatsoever- then heaven is the complete opposite. Some find the state of negativity addicting, it becomes one’s reality for an extended period of time, but certainly, the idea of heaven never eludes anyone. If someone were so deep in their pessimism, what’s the point of suffering at all then?
Every single person knows about heaven, believes it exists, and desperately clings on to its possibility. We all have our own different versions, but indisputably, it is a state of perfection and utter bliss.

For me, 2017 has been a tough year, but thankfully it’s almost over. Just when I thought things couldn’t get worse, they did. Sound familiar? If so, join the club. If you’ve ever been through a rough time, what got you through it? Yes, sheer grit and determination definitely pulls us through, but what sustains us the most is this subconscious belief that things could be a lot better. This article is about turning such belief into a responsibility – the task to create heaven.


Facing Death

To face death is to have complete surrender and acceptance, not to just the unknown but to all of what you know as well. Facing death both physically and metaphorically actually constitute the same mindset: it’s simply letting go.
Try this: clench your fists so tight, hold it for a moment and then slowly open them up. Experience the sensation as you open your hands up – that’s how it feels to let go, to surrender, and to just accept whatever is.

When we were born into this world, it took a long and slow process to get used to this physical world. I think I’m still getting used to it now in my late thirties (perhaps it’s the adult version of adulterated ‘growing pains’). Then when the death of a loved one or our own death becomes a reality, it takes a huge amount of effort to accept such event. So the idea of ‘dying a living death’ is to have a regular practice of accepting whatever was in the past, is in the present, and will be in the future. It’s also letting go of whatever I hold on to. It’s shedding whatever pains my body may give me, whether it’s expectations from the roles or titles it has accumulated or actual physical illnesses (which I actually believe to be manifestations of what goes on in our minds, especially in the subconscious – but that’s a whole other post!). For example, accepting someone for whatever they have done in the past and whomever they are now or in the future, and letting go as well of whatever expectations I hold on for them. In essence, dying a living death is a process of constant forgiveness (whether you’re forgiving yourself or others) and starting anew (giving yourself or others a clean slate).

Heaven Starts Within You

Once you’ve surrendered yourself to this idea of death and given yourself or all that’s around you a clean slate, you can then start the process of creating heaven. You CAN’T create heaven on a half-assed slate. So if ‘dying a living death’ scares you, it should (!) because heaven requires a complete surrender where you risk it all to this trust that I deserve better and things could be a whole lot better. Let go of it all. Then building heaven will just require baby steps, trials, and errors but with a firm vision for the future. For example, if you’ve ever felt guilty, the path to heaven is a constant process of self-forgiveness and trying a little bit harder next time. If you’ve ever felt angry or hurt, it’s another process of forgiveness and trying to become better from your side of the relationship. How else are we ever going to bring heaven on earth if we don’t start with ourselves and those around us?? Leave the details of heaven’s renewable resources and modes of transportation to scientists and entrepreneurs like Elon Musk. Our only job is to create heaven from within.

Wrapping Up

Forgiveness is the best gift you can give to yourself and others because it also involves looking at the best in others and in the situation. Studies have also proven that forgiveness allows the brain to function at its most relaxed, creative and problem solving state. So if you’re in the crappiest of circumstances, know that it’s the universe forcing you to put your brain at its highest functioning state. Moving forward, never lose hope or sight of better things to come. It’s time we stop praying for heaven and we start creating it for ourselves. It’s time we stop leaving heaven for only those who are actually dead. It’s time we let go of whatever is keeping us from creating paradise on earth. The road may not be easy or straight, but it’s certainly worth the try. I believe in abundance and perfection, many visionaries do too, but we all need each other’s help and now is the best time to start.

Season’s greetings and happy new year!!

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